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Here in the tropics our vehicles suffer a bit more with urban heat and the effects of humidity. Heading downwind along the beach on a hot summers day will bring your engine’s water to the boil faster than a Sunbeam Kettle so proper vehicle maintenance and prep will give you the edge.

There are a multitude of reasons as to why an engine or transmission overheats. We kind of bring it upon ourselves really. Larger Tyres, more accessories and pushing the vehicle too hard when it needs to rest all add up the reasons as to why your vehicle goes into limp mode when off roading or towing. Heat Reduction Hoods, vents, engine/tranny oil coolers and proper servicing and maintenance will ensure your vehicle is ready to tackle the big one. Diff ratio’s should also be considered when deciphering what to do when your vehicle is overheating as standard ratio’s don’t provide enough reduction once your large tyres and accessories are fitted. Ratio’s divide the Torque curve produced at the wheels and provide relief to the engine and transmission.

Murchison Products Cooling - TJ Wrangler Radiator
Murchison Products Cooling - Samco Silicon Turbo Hoses KJ Cherokee
Murchison Products Performance Products - AEF Y pipe exhust re route with optional heat reduction blanket