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Lighting, Communication & Electrical

Light Bars / Spotlights / Floorlights

LED light bars, back up lights, rock lights and front spot lights are all part of what we stock at Murchison Products.
LED’s have come a long way in the commercial market of late and have been successfully adapted to the 4WD market. We mainly stock Aurora LED, Rigid Industries and IPF, all leading brands in their fields. The clarity of light and field of vision are what sets apart LED light bars from conventional Halogen Spot or Flood lights, but they have their place too. LED’s however just seem to cut through the darkness with a lot more intensity with a much clearer light that is easy on the eyes, they also have a lot less current draw on your vehicles electrical system which is a bonus too.

Light up your night driving an invest in an LED light bar, you won’t regret it!

UHF & Antenna Systems

UHF’s are an essential requirement for any 4WDing excursion – you need to be able to communicate with the group you're convoying with or even when solo its handy to know you've got another communication source on hand that doesn’t rely on mobile phone reception! UHF’s are the #1 used tool when off roading in a group besides the transfer case lever, in the case of the more modern Jeeps, the low range button JK. We stock the most widely used Australian Made GME Brand UHF Systems complete with updated 80Ch settings. Our RFI brand Australian Made Antennas also are kitted to our specification which gives you a short and long whip - the short whip is great for convoys and mountain driving and the long whip is more for open flat road touring. Our Kits also come with the necessary extension cable for the antenna for AEV rear Tyre Carrier equipped JK’s that want to run the Ariel on the AEV mast. RFI’s extensive product development provides industry leading performance and reliability. Supplying antennas into such fields as defence, rail, mining, public safety, public events and consumer electronics, RFI’s has a range suitable for all applications.


Murchison can supply and install your ERPS Electronic Rust Proofing Systems. Call us or email us for a quote today.