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Performance Products

When we accessorise up our Jeeps with more gear we feel the negative effects in acceleration and braking pretty quickly. So to combat those affects we offer a few solutions however there is a big difference in pricing and options when it comes to perking up CRD VS Petrol.

For the CRD’s (see GDE listing for compatible models) we offer the ever popular and world renowned Green Diesel Engineering (GDE) Flash Tune. We have been working closely with GDE in calibrating and fine tuning the Australian Spec CRD Jeeps. The effects of a flash tune are instantly noticeable and value for money they can’t be beaten. Our own WH ran a 14.9sec ¼ mile during the 2011 Mopar Sunday event at Willowbank Raceway (Australia), all with larger tyres, 3” lift and 2 baby seats in the back!
The GDE flash also turns off the EGR function in all vehicles as well as Swirl Motor Delete in the WH & XH Commanders. In the KJ Cherokees’ the flash also re calibrates the engine temp gauge and fuel level gauge on the dash for more accuracy. There are ECO, HOT and Towing tune options available for most applications but only the ECO tune is recommended for the WH Grands & XH’s as it is spectacular enough right out of the box. GDE Flashes rely on proper OBD2 factory flashing methods – there are no ‘trick boxes’ or ‘plug into fuel rail wiring harness’ methods used here – that is dangerous and un professional in our opinion – use at your own risk (or peril!)

Exhaust and cold air intakes are also available at Murchison’s with most models supported. Superchargers are available for TJ & JK Wranglers with Sprintex and AEV offerings, SRT8 Grand Cherokees’ are supported by Magnuson and we’re embarking on Hemi conversions for JK’s soon! Brake upgrades are also available with TJ’s and JK options. The remaining Jeep range isn't supported with an off the shelf brake package but we are able to upgrade your rotors and callipers with custom solutions should you require it.

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