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KJ Cherokee 2.5”-2.75" Suspension System

KJ Cherokee 2.5”-2.75" Suspension System

The CRDSTU KJ 2.5” system is our benchmark kit that started Murchison Products way back in 2006! We were filling the void the other manufacturers left thus creating a true load bearing 2.5” Kit that doesn’t sag.
This kit carries the weight of both Petrol and CRD KJ’s with and without a front bar and / or winch.
Ride quality was dialed in right from the word go and this kit was tweaked over a 12 month period to ensure perfection.
Our kit offers the most flex out of any KJ kit currently on the market and is all Australian Made.

This kit contains:

• Front & Rear Long Travel Struts and Shocks
• Murchison KJ Front Strut Top plates
• Murchison KJ Front Coils CRDSTU 01
• Murchison KJ Rear Coils CRDSTU 03

Please Note:

• Front Strut Top plates come standard in all of our kits, however these are not needed on a Petrol vehicle without bullbar.
• We also sell the Strut Top Plates separately, these can be found here

Recommended Upgrades

JBA Upper Arms
If your KJ is above 80 - 90,000 KM, it would be advisable to install some JBA Upper A-Arms with this lift. They are complete new HD upper control arms that are designed to cope with lift and run a much heavier ball joint.
The factory arms lack coil clearance when lifted springs are installed and can come into contact with the upper ball joint boot. The Upper stock ball joint is also only just capable of running a lift so these new Upper A Arms correct the ball joint geometry and sit the ball joint more square at normal ride height thus achieving a better resting angle. Less angle means less stress on the ball joints.

This ball joint is also greaseable and replaceable unlike the factory item - they can be found here

Crown HD Lower Ball Joints
Once your KJ reaches that 80 - 90,000 K mark the ball joints will be flogged. If you're upgrading your KJ's suspension these ball joints will not only be stronger, but also last much longer the replacing them with stock ones. These Crown HD ball joints are also about 1/2 the price of the weaker stock ones from Jeep. You will need these if upgrading to the aftermarket HD Lowe Control Arms

Crown Front & Rear HD Bump Stops
Replace those old soft rubber or foam factory bump stops with these high quality polyurethane bump stops.
Worn front bump stops or no bump stops at all are the biggest cause of shock failure due to bottoming out, so when you're upgrading the suspension it's always a good idea to have a set of these ready to install.

Key Features: 

• Over 10 years of solid results & reputation.
• Works for both petrol and CRD KJ's.
• All Australian made parts.