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WH Grand Cherokee 2.5" - 3.0" Suspension System

WH Grand Cherokee 2.5" - 3.0" Suspension System

Our WH Kit offers a great increase in ride height and comfort as well as giving the WH great aesthetics.
The WH is a formidable and very under rated 4WD in the industry. It represents a surprise package off road when equipped with a decent lift and bigger tyres – if yours is one of the lucky ones to have Quadradrive 2 then you’re well ahead of the rest of the pack as QD2 diffs’ are basically proper lockers off road. Having owned WH’s in the past, we taken these capable rigs places that few would image possible.

The best part about the WH is that when the funs’ over off road and you hit the black top for that trip home, you’re riding in absolute comfort and luxury!

Please Note:
We also sell the Strut Top Plates separately, these can be found here
***Fitted price at Murchison Products workshop is plus Wheel Alignment, at approx $77. (Price is subject to change.)***
This kit contains:

• Front & Rear Long Travel Struts and Shocks
• Front Strut Top plates (sold as pair only) KJSP02
• Front Coil Part No# CRDSTU 08
• Front Coil Part No# CRDSTU 08B
• Rear Coil Part No# CRDSTU 09
• Rear Constant Load Part No# CRDSTU 09HD

Please Note:
• The Front Coil No# CRDSTU 08B are optional coils recommended for Jeeps with front bars or winches.

• The Rear Constant Load Coils CRDSTU 09HD are recommended for vehicles with rear drawer systems, recovery gear, or constantly running with heavy loads. These coils are highly recommended for all WH rears. There is no extra cost vs the CRDSTU 09 Coils.

• Front Strut Top plates come standard in all of our kits, however these are not needed on a Petrol vehicle without bullbar.

Key Features: 

• Over 5yrs of solid testing and tweaking.
• Much Improved ground clearance.
• All Australian made parts
• Lifetime Warranty on coils